Top South Florida Agent | REALTOR® | Business Development Director

Israel Ramos

Israel Ramos, Top South Florida Agent | REALTOR® | Business Development Director

Israel Ramos has been a staple member of our Real Estate Collection family since 2016. His commitment and dedication to the brand has been instrumental in creating a legacy of excellence. Born and raised in Central Florida, Israel has worked in a variety of different markets and lived in several different places before he made the decision to head up the Brokerages Business Development department from our South Florida office in Boca Raton. His experience ranges from luxury brands such as Tiffany and Co, to the impeccable customer service standards of the Walt Disney World company. 

With Israel’s careful management, he has been able to revolutionize our technology platforms to better develop our agent's experience and keep up with the nationally recognized brokerages. His experiences from his time at Savannah College of Arts and Design and as  management in luxury retail givehim a unique perspective on design and how to further accelerate our reach. His passions truly lie in streamlining the agent, client, and office experience for all. As your agent, Israel ensures to deliver the highest luxury touch that your property deserves. His ability to deliver superb results is evident throughout his tenure as a REALTOR. He prides himself on providing a seamless and concierge approach to Real Estate. He has as far as to help you paint, garden, and help you stage your home to ensure a perfect transaction.  

Israel is proud to share his love of Florida, as he and his large extended family are all located here. His grandparents Cuba to be here in America, and he is proud to be truly living the American dream that they sought after to create. Regardless of if you are in the market for Real Estate or just a lively conversation with a Florida aficionado, Israel is your guy! 

Office Location: 153 E. Palmetto Park Rd, Boca Raton
Office Phone Number: 954.760.5885

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