Mario Faris REALTOR®

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Growing up around parents that highly valued perseverance, sacrifice, and moral character allowed Mario at an early age to have a versatile professional career of business operation and management in 3 different industries: Sales & Marketing, Hospitality, and Real Estate.

While studying Business Management at UCF, he began an in-home sales job where he became personably responsible for $100,000's of product sales and due to his successes was given the opportunity to open his own branch in Clermont, FL where he hired a 60+ person sales & reception staff at the age of 20. Later on, desiring to launch his own business from the ground up, Mario closed his sales branch and purchased a restaurant & lounge in Daytona Beach, FL. After 13 months of operations and $10,000's in renovations, it was broker-valued for a sale price that was a 200% increase over his original purchase price. This ideology has become an integral point of view of Mario's focus in real estate: viewing real estate as an investment asset and realizing its increasing value over time!

All of these life experiences ultimately led Mario to have an overwhelming interest in buying real estate as an investment. Consequently, he began investing in real estate, alongside his family, throughout Central Florida from Daytona to Greater Orlando. After several purchases, sales, renovations, and studying of most of the markets throughout Greater Orlando, Mario is confident in his ability to guide his clients in purchasing their personal residence or investment rental property. Mario specializes in working with fellow investors looking to invest in Central Florida.
Recreationally, Mario enjoys weightlifting, outdoor sports, and partaking in Church activities.