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How can a little yard work help you sell for top dollar? Find out how to increase your home's curb appeal without breaking the bank. 

The Basics

Don't neglect your yard when that "For Sale" sign goes in! If the exterior of your home has been cared for adequately, buyers assume that the interior has also been well maintained. On the flip side, overgrown plants and weeds can make a property look run down. Keep the lawn mowed consistently, pull unwanted weeds and prune any trees or shrubs. If walkways or other paved areas look dirty, rent a power washer to clean them. While you're at it, clean up any fencing or brick siding with a quick spray. 

Money-Saving Tip: Make your own weed killer by

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The 4th of July may be one of our favorite holidays, but it can also be a pet's worst nightmare. You might wonder why your beloved pup, unaffected by the rumble of thunder, is suddenly beside herself at the loud booms and pops of a fireworks display. Many pets are accustomed to the natural sound of thunder in the sky, but fireworks sounds occur closer to the ground and therefore may elicit a much different response. This leaves many pet owners wondering, how can I reduce my pet's anxiety during 4th of July fireworks? We've collected a few helpful tips and tricks to keep your dog calm on our country's birthday. 

Can I see some ID? 

Despite their human companions' best efforts, more pets run away the 4th of July than any other day of the year.

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