January 2020

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For many of us, we see the New Year as a clean state to get on track, get organized, and reach our goals. There is something about the start of a New Year that motivates us to do all of those things we've been avoiding. For many of us, this includes home organization. 

Let things go...

The most important part of getting organized is the get rid of things. Over time it is so easy to collect items and before you know it this can get out of hand. 

Marie Kondo said it best, if it doesn't bring you joy... get rid of it. Make sure every team in your home has a purpose. 

Everything should have a place

Do junk drawers really need to exist? Avoid losing the tiny stuff by making sure everything has a place.

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Let's dive into a year in review. A look inside the 2019 housing market for Orange County, Florida and where the market is headed. 

The Orange County, FL Real Estate market is very hot right now. With a median home price of $260,959, a number that is higher than the national median home price of $243,225. The median listing price of homes in Orange County, FL is $319,900 which is also higher than the national price of $284,999. 

Rental prices continue to soar in Orange County, FL with a median gross rent of $1,650. Central Florida rental rates have grown about twice the national average over the past 5 years. According to an article in Orlando Weekly, Orlando is the fifth most 'rent-burdened' city in the Country. Other cities on the list include

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