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Although it's still 70 degrees out in Florida... It's that time of year again! The Christmas parades, baking, family, presents, and most importantly... your outdoor Christmas lights display. This year take a few additional steps to make sure your home exterior stays preserved & your lights don't cause any unnecessary safety hazards.

Prepare & Plan

Check your inventory! Double-check all your lights and cords make sure there are no damaged cords. If wires are damaged, the lights need to be disposed of properly as this is a potential fire hazard. 

Hanging your lights without a decor plan? We don't recommend this... PLAN AHEAD! Map out where you want to hang lights on your exterior. Don't forget to account for your railings, bushes, roofs,

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 Happy Veteran's Day! Today we turn our attention to the brave men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving our country. Whether they are our friends, family, coworkers, or clients, we want to show these individuals how much their service and sacrifice mean to us. Here we discuss a few ways to express gratitude this Veteran's Day. 

1. Donate!

Many non-profit organizations are working every day to support the veterans in our country. Your donations can help reintegrate service members after discharge and support their access to important benefits. Not sure which to choose? Ask a vet! 

2. Give Miles

If you have frequent-flier miles saved up, it is possible to donate them to service members and families. The Fisher House Foundation's

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October is Cyber-Security month, so we're sharing a few tips to help protect you and your personal information. At The Real Estate Collection, we handle your sensitive documents with diligence and care.

Wire Fraud Scams 

If you're buying or selling a property it's likely you will receive wiring instructions at some point during the transaction. Cybercriminals have become extremely sophisticated, and their emails may appear to come from a legitimate source. Our REALTORS will never send wiring instructions by email. Always confirm by phone or in-person before transferring funds! 

Insecure Networks

In today's world, we may use a smartphone to handle many aspects of a home sale or purchase. Accessing sensitive documents while connected to a

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How can a little yard work help you sell for top dollar? Find out how to increase your home's curb appeal without breaking the bank. 

The Basics

Don't neglect your yard when that "For Sale" sign goes in! If the exterior of your home has been cared for adequately, buyers assume that the interior has also been well maintained. On the flip side, overgrown plants and weeds can make a property look run down. Keep the lawn mowed consistently, pull unwanted weeds and prune any trees or shrubs. If walkways or other paved areas look dirty, rent a power washer to clean them. While you're at it, clean up any fencing or brick siding with a quick spray. 

Money-Saving Tip: Make your own weed killer by

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The 4th of July may be one of our favorite holidays, but it can also be a pet's worst nightmare. You might wonder why your beloved pup, unaffected by the rumble of thunder, is suddenly beside herself at the loud booms and pops of a fireworks display. Many pets are accustomed to the natural sound of thunder in the sky, but fireworks sounds occur closer to the ground and therefore may elicit a much different response. This leaves many pet owners wondering, how can I reduce my pet's anxiety during 4th of July fireworks? We've collected a few helpful tips and tricks to keep your dog calm on our country's birthday. 

Can I see some ID? 

Despite their human companions' best efforts, more pets run away the 4th of July than any other day of the year.

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Today marks the first official day of summer! School is out and summer has arrived, so get ready to break out the swimsuits, sunscreen, and summer road trips! If you're one of the 100 million Americans that take summer vacations, find out how you can take steps to prepare for a safe family vacation! 

Vehicle Preparation  

When is the last time you checked you vehicle for recalls? It is best to head to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website to see if your vehicle has any recent recalls before hitting the road! Traveling with little ones? Double check that their carseats are secure, the NHTSA offers great tips to make sure the carseat is properly installed. 

Keep your Home Secure

Technology is getting smarter

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June is National Homeownership Month! We are excited to share with you just a few benefits to owning a home! Don't just rent your dream home, buy it! 

1. Homeownership is an Investment

Investing in a home means investing in your future. While the initial cost of buying a home may be expensive, long term, owning a home may end up being much cheaper than renting. On average, home values may appreciate over time and provide a great return on investment. 

2. Stabilize your Housing Costs

With a fixed mortgage you know exactly what to expect in terms of monthly payments. In contrast, rental payments can be subject to change and often end up increasing depending on the market. The fixed payments that come with owning a home allow for greater

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Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour this Sunday, March 10th at 2:00 a.m. Sorry snoozers... it's that time of the year again. Get ready to Spring Forward with these 5 tips to help you survive the week ahead. 

1. Go to bed a little bit earlier

We know this is easier said than done, but do your best to head to bed just a little bit earlier than usual this weekend. When you slowly shift your body into a time change it will help your body natural adjust. According to Dr. Matt Walker, "Every hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after midnight". Do your best to ease your body into the time change this weekend. 

2. Turn off Electronics an hour before Bed

Avoid using electronics before going to sleep. This can be difficult to do,

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