A Seller's Guide to Landscaping

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How can a little yard work help you sell for top dollar? Find out how to increase your home's curb appeal without breaking the bank. 

The Basics

Don't neglect your yard when that "For Sale" sign goes in! If the exterior of your home has been cared for adequately, buyers assume that the interior has also been well maintained. On the flip side, overgrown plants and weeds can make a property look run down. Keep the lawn mowed consistently, pull unwanted weeds and prune any trees or shrubs. If walkways or other paved areas look dirty, rent a power washer to clean them. While you're at it, clean up any fencing or brick siding with a quick spray. 

Money-Saving Tip: Make your own weed killer by mixing white vinegar, 1-2 cups salt, and a squeeze of dish detergent. In a few days, unwanted weeds will bid your yard adieu! 

Keep it Green

Sustainable landscaping is a hot trend across the globe, but especially so in the blistering hot Florida heat! Invest in some drought-tolerant plants like Allamanda, Lantana or Plumbago. Potential buyers will appreciate their ease of care, and (if your thumb isn't so green) you probably can't kill them before the home sells! Plant your new flowers and shrubs in groups for a cleaner and more noticeable effect. 

Money-Saving Tip: If you don't need as much diversity in your garden, select a few varieties of plants and purchase them in bulk. Many stores offer discounts for purchasing several of the same plant! 

Get Cozy 

Many people are attracted to Florida living for year-round fun in the sun! Creating an outdoor living space can help buyers envision weekends in the backyard with friends and family. Existing patio furniture will enjoy a colorful pop by adding a few throw pillows and an outdoor rug! Consider wheeling your bar cart or portable grill onto the patio during showings to give them a taste of what could be...

Money-Saving Tip: All the decor in the world can't mask a deteriorating deck! A new coat of paint or sealer isn't expensive, and can greatly improve the look of your outdoor space. 

Lighten Up

Because many people people work during the day, most showings will be scheduled at night. Make sure all of your current light fixtures are operational, and use light bulbs with a higher wattage to make the most of what you already have. Solar-powered path lights are inexpensive to install, make a big visual impact, and keep potential buyers from stumbling around in the dark. 

Money-Saving Tip: Still on the dark side? Hang a few Edison-style string lights! In addition to being a trendy light source, they’re also fairly inexpensive and simple to install.

Skip the Concrete

Looking to spruce up your yard by paving a walkway? While concrete may be automatic response to paving needs, it's also cost-prohibitive. Decomposed granite is a cheap alternative, and has been gaining traction as homeowners look to greener options. Containing no additives or chemicals, natural decomposed granite is child and pet friendly! The finished result is also more stable and settles better than other types of gravel. 

Money-Saving Tip: Granite is incredibly mineral-rich, and as it weathers those minerals provide nutrients to the surrounding soil and plants. This can reduce or even eliminate the need for fertilizer!

These quick tips can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your home, but sometimes larger repairs are necessary. Your local REALTOR® works with a variety of area professionals and can refer you to top-rated service providers for all your home improvement needs.

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