Home Organization: Reaching your Home Goals this Year!

Posted by Admin The Real Estate Collection on Monday, January 6th, 2020 at 12:28pm.


For many of us, we see the New Year as a clean state to get on track, get organized, and reach our goals. There is something about the start of a New Year that motivates us to do all of those things we've been avoiding. For many of us, this includes home organization. 

Let things go...

The most important part of getting organized is the get rid of things. Over time it is so easy to collect items and before you know it this can get out of hand. 

Marie Kondo said it best, if it doesn't bring you joy... get rid of it. Make sure every team in your home has a purpose. 

Everything should have a place

Do junk drawers really need to exist? Avoid losing the tiny stuff by making sure everything has a place. Yes, this even includes paper clips, bobby pins, and other miscellaneous items we seem to find. 

High functioning storage

Mason jars, baskets, and bins can be put to good use by storing blankets, shoes, magazines, and other items in these. 

Use mason jars to store dry food and add it to your open shelving for an aesthetic appeal. Be sure to always add labels to the jars so you know what's what!

Stay Motivated

Organizing your home takes patience, strategy, and hard work. Like many other New Year's resolutions, it's easy to give up. 

Keep your vision in mind and always remember the lifestyle you're seeking. Use that as your motivation to tackle the project. For some people, they achieve things by doing a little bit every day. For others, they achieve by doing everything all at once and getting it over with. Have a long weekend coming up? Take that time to tackle your organization goals. 

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