Protect yourself: October is Cyber Security Month!

Posted by Admin The Real Estate Collection on Monday, November 4th, 2019 at 1:44pm.

October is Cyber-Security month, so we're sharing a few tips to help protect you and your personal information. At The Real Estate Collection, we handle your sensitive documents with diligence and care.

Wire Fraud Scams 

If you're buying or selling a property it's likely you will receive wiring instructions at some point during the transaction. Cybercriminals have become extremely sophisticated, and their emails may appear to come from a legitimate source. Our REALTORS will never send wiring instructions by email. Always confirm by phone or in-person before transferring funds! 

Insecure Networks

In today's world, we may use a smartphone to handle many aspects of a home sale or purchase. Accessing sensitive documents while connected to a public or insecure Wi-Fi network can put your personal information at risk. 

  • Disable sharing before connecting to public Wi-Fi. 
  • Whenever possible, use a private Wi-Fi connection or disable Wi-Fi entirely. 
  • Criminals may set up public Wi-Fi hotspots resembling the name of a legitimate network. Always verify that you are connected to the correct Wi-FI network before accessing personal data. 

Virtual Private Networks

Find yourself on public networks frequently? Considering investing ina VPN, or virtual private network. Using a VPN encrypts the information you send on both sides, which can prevent it from being accessed by unauthorized parties. 

Outdated Software

Think twice before you click "Remind Me Later" on that software update! Many updates contain security patches that can help protect you from cybercriminals. Turn on automatic updates to stay current and keep your devices protected. 

Protect your Devices

The Smartphone Theft Protection Act mandates that smartphone companies build theft deterrents into the software of their products. Make sure to use features like Apple's Activation Lock and Googles remote lock-and-erase to protect your personal information if your phone is lost or stolen. 

Work with a Pro

Real Estate Professionals conduct business in an industry that is heavily targeted by cybercriminals. At The Real Estate Collection, our expert REALTORS stay vigilant of online threats and have policies in place to protect your personal information. That's just another way we provide The Real Estate Expertise you deserve. 


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