Tips for Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights

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Although it's still 70 degrees out in Florida... It's that time of year again! The Christmas parades, baking, family, presents, and most importantly... your outdoor Christmas lights display. This year take a few additional steps to make sure your home exterior stays preserved & your lights don't cause any unnecessary safety hazards.

Prepare & Plan

Check your inventory! Double-check all your lights and cords make sure there are no damaged cords. If wires are damaged, the lights need to be disposed of properly as this is a potential fire hazard. 

Hanging your lights without a decor plan? We don't recommend this... PLAN AHEAD! Map out where you want to hang lights on your exterior. Don't forget to account for your railings, bushes, roofs, and windows. Make sure you have enough lights before you start. A good rule of thumb is 100 lights for every vertical foot of shrubs, bushes, or trees.

Save on Energy Costs

Planning to use white lights? Not all "white" lights are the same, LED's are typically white with a blush tint. Be sure to stay consistent with your colors and buy the same branded lights. Use LED lights to save energy costs and us net lights on your bushes. 

Protect your Exterior 

Planning on a lot of Christmas lights this year? Throw out the staples and nails, and protect the exterior of your home by using clips. Plastic clips are sold at almost any local hardware store. Most clips will work with any type of light. If your home is stucco, you may need to purchase custom light clips that work for your home. If you have gutters on your home, it is best to attach your lights directly to these. Using gutter clips is a quick and easy way to hang lights directly from your house on the permitter of your home. Don't feel like getting the ladder out this year? If you have railings on your porch this is an easy way to add Christmas lights without the hassle of getting on the roof!

We want to see your Christmas lights this year! Share with us below! 

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