November 2019

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 Happy Veteran's Day! Today we turn our attention to the brave men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving our country. Whether they are our friends, family, coworkers, or clients, we want to show these individuals how much their service and sacrifice mean to us. Here we discuss a few ways to express gratitude this Veteran's Day. 

1. Donate!

Many non-profit organizations are working every day to support the veterans in our country. Your donations can help reintegrate service members after discharge and support their access to important benefits. Not sure which to choose? Ask a vet! 

2. Give Miles

If you have frequent-flier miles saved up, it is possible to donate them to service members and families. The Fisher House Foundation's

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October is Cyber-Security month, so we're sharing a few tips to help protect you and your personal information. At The Real Estate Collection, we handle your sensitive documents with diligence and care.

Wire Fraud Scams 

If you're buying or selling a property it's likely you will receive wiring instructions at some point during the transaction. Cybercriminals have become extremely sophisticated, and their emails may appear to come from a legitimate source. Our REALTORS will never send wiring instructions by email. Always confirm by phone or in-person before transferring funds! 

Insecure Networks

In today's world, we may use a smartphone to handle many aspects of a home sale or purchase. Accessing sensitive documents while connected to a

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